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The funniest submissions from The International 10 Short Film Contest

The funniest submissions from The International 10 Short Film Contest

Source Filmmaker artists now have plenty of time to polish their submissions for The International 10 Short Film Contest.

The deadline for The International 10 Short Film Contest has been extended to September 12. The contest was originally planned to end on July 25th but was extended due to TI10 being rescheduled. The top three selections will be shown live at The International 10 in Bucharest. Fans get to vote for which creators get a piece of the $43,500 prize pool.

Since the original deadline has already passed, there are a ton of great videos that have already been submitted. Humor is one of the best ways to get your short film noticed by Valve so it should be no surprise that almost all of the user submissions have a touch of comedy to them. These are the funniest submissions of the TI10 Dota 2 Short Film Contest (so far). 

Anti-Mage Godlike Pub Guide

This short film perfectly captures the feeling of playing as or with a farm-focused carry. Greedy players can be the bane of an active lineup and some players seem addicted to getting last-hits on carries like Anti-Mage. Most Dota 2 players have been on both sides of this equation before. This short also nails the perfect amount of Source engine jankiness.


What’s so great about this piece is that it captures both Anti-Mage and his team so well. The AM is having the time of his life whacking creeps and abandoning his teammates mid-smoke gank. Meanwhile, his team begs for help to no avail. Them ending up angry in the stew pot is a very nice touch. Vote for it to be shown live at TI10 here.

The Vaccinating

The second comedy TI10 short film on our list is a parody of the real world’s rush to get vaccinated. Various Dota 2 heroes are portrayed obeying real-world safety precautions, which are inconvenient for Meepo and Ogre Magi. Icefrog even makes an appearance, complete with his signature Mangos as hors d'oeuvres.


The quality of the Icefrog sequence is extremely high and the little jokes really squeeze a lot out of the 90-second maximum runtime. The expertly animated jiggle of Bristlebacks’s rear end really pulls the whole thing together. Help the creators win the $25,000 grand prize by voting for it on the Steam Workshop.

A Rehearsed Accident

Our final funny Dota 2 short film centers around the spellstealer Rubick. When his favorite bar gets stuck-up by Sniper and company, it's up to the Grand Magus to save the day. This animation is considerably more basic than our other picks but it makes up for it with clever spell interactions and a nice fake-out ending.

Background jokes are an essential part of any short film. They brighten up the slow moments and provide a reason to re-watch the short. Rehearsed Accident is full of these, from Rubick’s tobacco Pipe of Insight to the chess pieces used by Puck and Weaver. Help this Dota 2 short film appear on the TI10 main stage by liking the video on Steam Workshop.